Using Your Elevator Pitch to Inspire Online Marketing

Have you heard of the “elevator pitch”? It’s a popular idea used by pro-networkers to help them make quick and precise introductions to people they meet. I find it’s a great tool to help bring focus to our web marketing messages too. Please read on for more about what the this and how to apply it to your online marketing.

So, what is an elevator pitch exactly?

Imagine you are inside one of the many beautiful skyscrapers in New York. You’re on the bottom floor and your calling the elevator because you need to be up at the top. The elevator arrives, you enter and as you turn to face the closing doors you notice that you were joined inside the elevator by a significant person whom you would like to connect with. The doors close, you start to move and you now have approximately 90 seconds before the elevator reaches the top floor to introduce yourself and leave a lasting impression. This is your elevator pitch – the ability to be slick, informative and memorable, all within 90 seconds.

Tips to create your own emotive elevator pitch

1. Introduce yourself and what you do clearly.

“Hi, I am NAME and I am/do/run THIS”.

2. Now add your specialisation/focus.

“I specialise in THIS using THESE TECHNIQUES.”

3. Now, we want to connect deeper and entice our significant person’s interest.

“I know you’re interested in THIS too, it would be great to chat sometime soon because I feel we could achieve SOMETHING GREAT together.”

“Having read a lot about you, I have some great ideas on how we can achieve SOMETHING GREAT for your business.”

“I read your ARTICLE on THIS and you inspired this SOMETHING GREAT for me.”

4. Call To Action.

Take one of your business cards and write “we met in the elevator” on the back, circle your website url, email address and telephone number. Hand your card to your significant person and let them know that they can contact you any time. If you are feeling on-fire, why not ask them if you can both share a coffee when you have finished your meetings on the top floor, which you have probably now arrived at!

By using the rough template above, we can quickly focus our pitch down and cover “who we are”, “what we do” and “what we have to offer” within 90 seconds or less. You’ll find it incredibly useful throughout many areas of your business life. You may even have an elevator pitch template of your own? If so I’d love to know all about it…

Applying your elevator pitch to web marketing

Writing an elevator pitch makes us choose our words carefully. Within the online world, there are always many instances where our number of words are limited. Here’s five such instances where our elevator pitch can help us:

1. The most obvious place to take inspiration from your elevator pitch is the introductory paragraph to your website. The more sustained, impactful and focused these first few sentences are, the quicker your website visitors will understand who you are/what you do and what you can do for them.

2. If we market via PPC, we are limited to 25 characters in our headline and 35 characters within our following lines on all text adverts. By taking the key points from a elevator pitch, we can quickly ensure that our key messages and USP’s are written into our PPC ads. Elevators companies in karachi

3. Meta descriptions are one of our most important tools to entice click through to our websites from organic rankings. The first 150 characters of our meta descriptions will appear visible within Google search results, hence we need to place our key points and key USP’s within those initial 150 characters.

4. All of our social media accounts allow us to write a biography on who we are and what we do. This is a great place to utilise our elevator pitch in written form to create a bio that is to punchy, impactful and enticing.

5. When we email people we want to connect with, we use our elevator pitch to effectively introduce ourselves. We might even consider making a short, well written elevator pitch an email footer note? Services such as Inmail on the premium version of LinkedIn create instances where we effectively within a scenario calling for a virtual version of the elevator pitch.