Is It Good To Be A Property Agent In Singapore

Being a real estate investor, you need to make sure that you choose the best deals because if you are unable to find that, then you will face troubles while obtaining hard money loans. So, your ultimate goal should be to focus only on finding the best real estate investments. property agent singapore

I have discussed before that if you want to make good money in the real estate scenario, then you need to compare the estimated value of the property to the values you get from the evaluators, which are termed as comparables. In this way, you are using 2 comparables, one from the evaluator and the other based upon your findings.

If there are some deficiencies in your estimated value report, you can use the option of “Property Approval Plus”, which will give you all the information related to the locality where your property is situated. This will definitely help you in finding the best real estate investments with a planned and calculated approach.

That report will have the list of all the homes, which have been sold recently. It will give you a detail account about the background of the property i.e. when it was sold, for how much money it was sold, tax liens etc.

As the list is going to provide you all the details about the homes, which have been sold recently in the locality, so it will also help you to realize that whether the market is in depreciating or appreciating condition.

The report will give detailed information about the particular neighborhood; you are trying to work in. The number of homes that have been sold, the number of homes that are currently in the market and the comparison between the actives and solds of the last few months. These trends would be a great help in determining the final value of the property.

It is basically something that you should do yourself. While determining the value of your property, it is necessary to start your research by looking at the subject property and then determining the actives and solds in the neighborhood, having similar features. This is the best practice, which is ignored by many new real estate investors and ultimately, they have to pay the price.

After you are able to determine a rough value of the property in mind, this estimated value can be used as a comparison. But if the estimated value of the subject property isn’t right, then you need to an extensive research because it is the most important step. You can talk to other evaluators, drive in the neighborhood by yourself and check if you are missing something.

Finally, the Property Approval Plus will tell you about the economics of that particular area i.e. whether the homes are being sold or not or what is the nature of the market, if it is appreciating or depreciating. What is the condition of the homes, which are up for selling or the conditions of foreclosure properties?