Home Security Systems For Temperature Monitoring

A complete home protection plan not only includes security from burglars, but from costly damages due to environmental disturbances, such as extreme heat or cold, as well as from accidents such as taps being left running. Intense heat or freezing temperatures can have negative effects on the structure of your house and lead to failures of appliances or bursting pipes that can create a costly mess and extensive headache. giải pháp iot

One way to avoid such disasters is to be aware. Whether at home or away, the best way to avoid costly damage from environmental extremes, or even human accidents, is to catch them before they get out of control. Thankfully, the home security alarm market is full of exciting new products that make use of the latest technology to allow you to monitor not only intrusions, but also smoke, fire, humidity, water leaks, flooding, and more.

The most common application of new technology to this element of home security is the use of temperature monitors to alert homeowners to freezing temperatures. Freezes can wreak havoc upon homes by causing disastrous pipe-bursts. When water freezes it expands as much as 10 percent. This expansion requires extra space, and if there is not any, the pipe will burst. Water damage from a burst pipe can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to walls, insulation, flooring, carpets, and other parts of the home.

A freeze alarm consists of a sensor with a thermometer as well as an alarm or an auto-dialer. In the event that temperature in a certain part of the house drops below a pre-set temperature, either an alarm will sound, the dialer will alert the homeowner via an automated call, or both. In the even of freezing temperatures, homeowners can reduce the risk of bursting pipes by keeping faucets dripping slightly to keep water moving through the pipes. In winter weather they can also pile snow up around the house to “insulate” crawl spaces where drafts may be getting in and freezing pipes. These alarms can also be used to monitor temperatures in the event that a pet is left alone at home, or to monitor a greenhouse so that you can move plants or otherwise rise the temperature before it’s too late.

Just as temperature alert systems can be programmed to alert you in the event of freezing temperatures, they can be set to send out telephone alerts in the event of a temperature rise as well. This can be useful to monitor elderly family members living alone as well as to monitor greenhouses or wine cellars.

The system will generally call at least one number and can be programmed to call others as well. The auto-dialer will continue to call periodically until the call is acknowledged by a call-back or a text message. Some systems can also be set up to connect to a third-party central monitoring system that will monitor conditions in the home and alert emergency authorities if necessary.