Brain Training For the PC – Why They Are Better Than Brain Training Video Games

More and more people are considering brain training for the PC games.  These games are gaining in popularity because they truly offer brain fitness potential compared to their video game counterparts.  For those new to this industry,  companies like Nintendo(TM) created a number of video games made popular on game system like the Wii(TM) and the DS Lite(TM) systems.  These games became very popular, particularly in Japan.  However, the knock on these games is that they offer little true mind training benefits or improvement.  In this void stepped, brain training for the PC games which were supported by a number of scientific advisory boards.  These companies include Lumos Labs(TM), Posit Science(TM), and CogniFit(TM) among others.  These companies are able to provide better mind fitness training in comparison for many reasons.  Here, are a few of the reasons why:

1.  Some brain training games are better suited for PCs than others.

The larger screen and computing capabilities of a standard computer tend to dwarf the abilities of smaller gaming systems like the DS Lite and Wii.  This makes it possible to have more intricate games that specifically call on more abilities to offer a true mind workout.  In addition, the monitor size can have impact on performance in some games. สล็อตโจ๊กเกอร์

For visual or spatial games, it is very likely that monitor size can have a direct correlation on how or easy the game is.  This occurs because in games where exact location is needed to be remembered, this is hard to find on smaller monitors because of less pixilation.  This can actually become a deterrent to using the program because errors are made that are not really errors because of the smaller size.  This issue is largely reduce with brain training for PC games.

2.  Offer more variation than video game versions.

The PC or online versions allow for changes to be made more easily than video game versions.  A new update can easily be added to online systems allowing users to get the enhanced version.   Although some programs come in a CD format, many more are designed to be used directly online.  The result is these mind fitness companies can easily make changes to existing games or add new games when the need dictates.  This creates an ever evolving benefit to customers that the video game versions cannot match. 

3.  The better companies are backed by scientific study.

There are a number of the online companies that truly are in the business of creating brain fitness programs designed to help against cognitive decline and to improve daily brain functioning.  These companies are easy to spot because they will have studies supporting their games and will tend to take on scientific feel.  The most popular ones are Lumos Labs that offers the Lumosity(TM) Games, Posit Science which offers a few different game formats, and CogniFit which offers the MindFit(TM) game.  This scientific focus means these games are going in the right direction to offer the best brain training benefits.  In addition, as these games continued to be tested in studies, more research will show these companies how to adjust these games to get even more benefits.